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What you'll need for your Owner Car Review to be published on Drive

  • Year, Make, Model and Variant of the car you're reviewing
  • What you love and don't love about your car
  • How you rate your car across 5 different categories such as Performance, Technology, Comfort and Price
  • Write approximately 500 words in your review – Why did you buy the car? How does it drive? How reliable and practical has it been? What improvements do you think could be made for future models?
  • Upload 5 landscape photos of your car. See how our handy guide below to take award winning car photos. Stock photography or photos from other websites will not be accepted.

How to take good quality car photos

  • Park the car in a well-lit environment.
  • Stand 3-4 metres away from the car
  • Position your phone camera in landscape mode (turn it to the side).

Front image


Side image


Rear image


Lifestyle example

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