Video: Emergency service vehicles spotted drag racing in Thailand

Some online users have explained the need for performance-modified emergency service vehicles after the drag racing event was posted online.

Privately owned off-duty emergency service vehicles were recently spotted drag racing in Thailand – with some entrants using performance modifications in the event.

First reported by US publication CarBuzz – the event occurred on an unspecified strip of road two hours outside the country's capital city of Bangkok.

According to the report, event organisers only allowed legitimate and registered emergency vehicles to participate – with the Toyota HiAce being a popular choice amongst entrants, and one ambulance driver supposedly completing the 400-metre (quarter-mile) strip in 16.2 seconds.

CarBuzz claimed utes were also a fan favourite – with the Toyota HiLux, Mitsubishi Strada (or Mitsubishi Triton to Australians) and Isuzu D-Max emergency service vehicles frequently seen during the event.

The US media outlet reported Thai car enthusiasts “take their drag racing seriously”, with some vehicles sighted with carbon-fibre body panels and dedicated tyres for drag racing.

However, various online users claimed owners are incentivised to modify their vehicles to maximise performance as they can earn an unspecified amount of money if they reach any accidents first and take affected people to hospital.

One YouTube commenter explained: “In Thailand, ambulances mainly have two parts: the government and volunteer foundations.

“The latter gets a share if they can reach the accident and take them to the hospital first. That is the reason why it must be modified.”

Another online user shed some light on the need for these privately owned emergency cars when they said, “Unlike most countries, [the] Thai medical system heavily relies on private ambulances operated by foundations”.

“The hospitals have them, but there are too few of them. These ambulances are not specific to transporting people to hospitals and can respond to various situations quickly.”

While some viewers might consider the event unprofessional, one commenter explained these people have fundamental first aid knowledge needed for first responders.

"It may seem inappropriate to some people, believe me, these people have basic knowledge about life-saving, such as performing heart pumps, suturing fresh wounds, stopping bleeding and managing bones," they said.

"These people may save your life or your family's life in the future."

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