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Nissan manufactures a range of primarily SUV models, though it has a storied history in sports cars and motorsport too. The company was first established in Australia in 1966 and even opened a local manufacturing facility. Nowadays popular models include the Nissan X-Trail and Nissan Pathfinder.

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2023 Nissan Juke ST-L review
Review | 28 Nov 2023


Famed for its quirky design, can the Nissan Juke hold its own against rival SUVs in terms of technology, and quality?
We compare five small SUVs to find the best for Aussie buyers
Comparison | 20 Nov 2023
We put small SUVS from Hyundai, Kia, MG, Nissan, and Subaru to the test to see which is the best for Australians.
Should I buy a 2023 Nissan Patrol or a Toyota LandCruiser?PlayIconRounded
Comparison | 17 Nov 2023


We hit the road – and go off-road – in order to find out which is the best in 2023. Is it the LandCruiser or Patrol?

2023 Nissan X-Trail ST-L e-Power review
Review | 10 Nov 2023


The new X-Trail ST-L e-Power puts hybrid fuel savings within reach of a broader band of Aussie buyers.
Nissan Australia customers warned following cyberattack
news | 8 Dec 2023
Nissan customers in Australia and New Zealand have been warned after the company was subject to a cyberattack.
Electric vehicles less reliable than petrol cars, report finds
news | 1 Dec 2023
Electric vehicles are less reliable than petrol and diesel cars according to a survey carried out by US organisation, Consumer Reports.
These are the results of real-world fuel economy testing for new cars in Australia
news | 30 Nov 2023
The first tranche of data from real-world fuel-economy testing on Australian roads have come in, with mixed results.

No one wants this rare Nissan GT-R
news | 29 Nov 2023
The Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign is one of just 19 ever made, and was passed in at auction for less than its purchase price this weekend.

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The cars that were going to kill Australia's appetite for large family cars | Drive Flashback
25 Years of Drive | 26 Oct 2023
In 1996, Drive’s then editor Phil Scott reported that Australia was about so be invaded by an armada of mid-size sedans from Europe
Off-road showdown: Nissan Patrol vs Toyota LandCruiser | CarAdvice FlashbackPlayIconRounded
Features | 15 Oct 2023
In July 2020, we pitted two of Australia's most capable off-road warriors against each other... which one came out on top?
The cars that can park themselves
Advice | 8 Oct 2023
Not a fan of reverse parallel parking? Here are the new cars that can do it for you.

The small SUVs with the biggest boots in 2023
Advice | 3 Oct 2023
Got a tiny driveway but lots of baggage? These small SUVs offer properly big boots.
2020 Nissan Juke ST-L: owner review
Owner Review | 8 Aug 2022
When I saw photos of the current-model Nissan Juke, I was immediately drawn to it.Owner: Andrew B
2018 Nissan X-Trail ST: owner review
Owner Review | 1 Jul 2022
I’m in my late 60’s and have been considering an SUV. Read why this owner chose a Nissan X-Trail in their review.
2013 Nissan Pulsar ST: owner review
Owner Review | 15 Mar 2022
I bought my 2013 Nissan Pulsar as a used car from a Nissan dealer in 2014 with 20,000km on the speedo.Owner: Rob

2020 Nissan Juke TI: owner review
Owner Review | 23 Jul 2021
I’ve always liked smaller cars.
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