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Peugeot has been a mainstay in Australia since the 1950s – when it even assembled some of its models locally. Since then, the French brand has pivoted its focus from classics like the original 203 saloon, to SUVs like its volume-selling 3008.

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$30,041 - $82,915*
5 year
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Peugeot 3008
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$ 50,075 - $ 82,915* MRLP


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$ 43,990 - $ 64,990* MRLP


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$ 65,657* MRLP


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1 badge available
$ 81,610 - $ 82,915* MRLP


Commercial Van
1 badge available
$ 54,527* MRLP


Commercial Van
4 badges available
$ 43,397 - $ 52,565* MRLP


Commercial Van
3 badges available
$ 30,041 - $ 40,878* MRLP


1 badge available
$ 59,990* MRLP


Commercial Van
1 badge available
$ 59,990* MRLP
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1976 Peugeot 504 GL: owner review
Owner Review | 16 Sep 2021
Somewhere in Trans-Ekulu Enugu town (Nigeria), I was driving behind my cousin in my 1976 Peugeot 504 GL, on our way to a wedding.Owner: Ikenna
2020 Peugeot 508 GT: owner review
Owner Review | 16 Aug 2021
It was love at first sight for Peter when he first laid eyes on his 2020 Peugeot 508 GT. Now that he's a 508 owner, has the love remained?
2001 Peugeot 406 SV: owner review
Owner Review | 6 Oct 2020
The peugeot 406 Coupe is undeniably one of the most attractive coupes ever designed. Little wonder when the company who penned the design also designed some of the best looking cars for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Maserati to name a few. They are currently ridiculously cheap for a car that from the outside looks equally at home with the likes of the best of European exotics from the same era and importantly the design does not seem to have aged. From every angle the Italian flare of Pininfarina is executed to perfection, even better than the Ferrari 456 in my opinion. The 406 coupe is a rare beast being a unique amalgam of French, Italian and German engineering, designed and coachwork built and assembled in Italy using PSA mechanicals and the renowned driving suppleness of French suspension (which sadly has disappeared in subsequent models) and in my 2001 model the glorious smooth power of a V6 tweaked by Porsche. Most motoring journalists describe it is a cruiser more than a racer but it is amazingly agile for a large coupe meaning a Sunday fang through the hills is just as enjoyable as a long coastal drive. Sadly because they are so cheap to buy now, a lot of them are falling into the hands of people who either can't afford to maintain them or don't value their timelessness and too many are being scrapped. In reality, unlike an exotic Ferrari or Lambo the 406 Coupe is a derivative of the enormously popular 406 series of sedans and wagons. The shared mechanicals are fairly inexpensive and still available. Bodywise although they share no panels from the sedan or wagon the parts are available from wreckers and there are plenty of mod kits if you are that way inclined. Personally I love them stock. If there is one blemish on the desirability of the 406 coupe, it is that the interior is shared with the top of the range sedan....apart from a few chrome highlights on the dash and pininfarina badgework the inside is pretty much the same. However 2 can comfortably sit in the rear pews and the boot is huge so its an enormously practical coupe. If I was a millionaire with a big warehouse I'd be buying and restoring every manual 406 coupe I could find because without doubt they will be a desirable collectors car in years to come. Lots of features for its time....All leather interior, motorized seats....pillarless doors, windows auto close when shutting the door, sensors on lights and windscreen wipers. There are very few issues with this sports car. Rust is rare. The brakes are brembos and tremendous. The manual gearbox cable drives do stretch over time but are a relatively easy fix and available from Europe and not overly expensive. Like all engines, seals will start to leak with age and the cam covers on the 406 2.9 litre tend to leak on the rear bank as they get old or driven hard but again easily fixed with the right sealant by a good mechanic or Peugeot specialist. Normal wear and tear items, brakes, suspension bushes, engine mounts etc are relatively easy to get still. Just had the catalytic converters done on mine (usual for a car with 170,000ks) and again parts from the U.K. way cheaper than on my wife's Audi. So really what is not to love...particularly with a car that looks this good. So Mr Millionaire with a big warehouse, let me loose and lets start collecting these future classics....!

1974 Peugeot 504 TI: owner review
Owner Review | 13 Mar 2020
Fellow reader Thom recently shared his experiences of his Trak Yellow Peugeot 504. I was immediately inspired to do a review of my own, but it couldn't be a slavish repeat of everything he wrote so accurately and beautifully about the car. It has to come from another angle. I'll park two wheels in the gravel and quickly describe the photo, before getting focused again on the review. Taken around 1983, it shows a young me barreling the 504 through a Hopkirk slalom at a Peugeot Car Club motorkhana. We used to joke that if you didn't need to buy replacement door handles after the event, you weren't trying hard enough. My 504 wormed its way into my psyche in the most unusual of ways - it was the main star of a recurring dream I had for decades. The dream sequence ceased with a resolution dream on the night I learned my partner and I would be leaving our life in Melbourne and returning permanently to Perth. I was shattered. And in the deepest of sleep that night, things turned irreversibly. Here's how I shared - very cryptically - in a written communication to my friends that life was on the move. Only a handful of them knew the meaning behind the words. It's deeply personal, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. Here goes... "Last night represented a significant turning point in my night-time travails and reveries. Over the years, my revolving dreams have come and gone. There's always been a resolution dream of some sort that banishes the snakes on the garden lawn or which makes the lonely farmhouse in a darkened valley with its deeply haunted middle room give up its secret forever. Now, there's been another. For many years, I have taken surprised friends for a ride in the country in my old yellow Peugeot 504. I always seem to surprise myself that I still have it. But sure enough, all I have to do is swing open the barn doors to the garage, and there it is. Under its dusty coating, it's still lustrously yellow and, once rolling, its sheer mechanicalness and pillowy soft ride (real-life qualities, both) make everyone on board smile happily. In dreams, cars represent a way of travelling through life. I always assumed that the frequent appearance of my old Peugeot was trying to beckon my conscious self for a return to a simpler, less complicated time of few worries and just the one bank account. Last night, I inspected it in a grassy paddock. Or was it a shed? At once, it seemed both. A young lady with lots of paperwork motioned me toward the car. The purest, brightest of yellow paint was still there. But despite Jonathan sprawling in the passenger seat in great comfort only a short time beforehand, it had no interior. The engine was gone. It was too far gone. In tears, we both examined the paperwork that proved the car was once mine. The chassis numbers on the paperwork and the firewall were a match. The old 504 can't go back, because it now can't go anywhere. And the point of all this, I think, is that I'm beyond going back myself. I'm no longer uncomplicated. I need to hitch a ride to a different place, in something else. I've moved a long way on and the future - excitedly - holds more of the same in store".
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